Our Connections

Plant a Life

PAL is driven by a group of passionate people who want to bring a positive social and environment friendly change in the world. At, Plant A Life, we make sure to deliver trailblazing workable solutions to society’s most pressing issues like increasing Ozone levels, Global warming, Mushrooming of Concrete jungles and rising pollution levels. With the persistent support from our partners in green revolution like Radiate Digital Services Pvt. Ltd., Craft vault, and more, we hope to achieve our defined environmental friendly goals very soon.


GREENOTHON is an everlasting Environmental Responsibility (ER) process where we spread information and knowledge for environment care & concerns amongst new generation& other individuals by planting more and more trees which are medicinal or Food plants in nature, in their schools, colleagues or respective premises. The idea to start planting at school level is to help children understand& educate the importance of green environment& catch them young to solve these environmental concerns.